Give one example of your own thinking at one or more points in your life that reflect the following:




An event that reflected dualism when I was nine and listening to what my parents told me about my culture, womanhood, customs and tradition without forming my own concept or idea of my own. My life transitioned towards multiplicity when I moved out of my parents home and exploring adulthood and having to navigate through adulthood with uncertainty on how to navigate through adulthood, I was forced to make life decisions that affected me as an individual and as adult, such as financial burdens, independence, education, personal relationship etc.. that I never had to worry about as a child. Relativism came through my late 20’s when I started forming my own identity of who I am, such my values, culture, and religious beliefs without imposing it on other and still respecting the views of my friends, family and colleagues, and social groups.

What are two marker events that could help a young adult to develop into their current level of thinking?

The two marker that can help a young adult to develop their own current level of thinking will first to have a good support system from their family, friends, and peers they can go to for support when life gets difficult. The second marker would for young adult something they can look up as a role model that would help them set a positive influence in their life.

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